A Powerful, No Holds Barred Experience:
Integrate Your Leadership Experience
Fulfill On Your True Leadership Potential 
Harness Your Leadership Insight And Aspirations
Empower And Enable Your Teams
Produce High-Level Organisational Outcomes
The Leadership Resilience Retreat
A two-day leadership excellence masterclass designed to help you 
prepare and position yourself for leadership excellence in 2019.
* limited seating available *

Date: 24-25 OCTOBER 2019

Time: 7AM- 3PM

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Insight Into Action Guru 
and your Hostess For the Retreat

2 days. 10 topics. Small Group Setting. 
Everything you need to start building resilience right now (for yourself and your team), including:

Physical Resilience

Simple breakthrough strategies to support you in managing yourself, so you can eat, sleep and move to support optimal performance.

Emotional Resilience

Build leadership EQ
Expand your emotional vocabulary
Unique emotional intelligence hacks

Social Resilience

Create the foundation of: connection
in your team (and your life) as a proactive strategy

Cognitive Resilience

Planning the exact strategy, actions, and accountability mechanisms to ensure you stay inspired, in action and operating optimally in 2019

The resilience retreat is an opportunity to take time out as we consider:
  •  What are the real issues for my team / business / organisation?
  •  What does our culture look like right now?
  •  What are my personal leadership goals for 2019?
  •  What sort of leader do people perceive me to be?
  •  How do I want to be perceived?
  •  How do I become the future version of my leadership self NOW?
Create your own leadership framework to ensure you achieve the following:
I take care of myself properly and create real balance this year (physically, mentally, emotionally, cognitively).
build resilience 
(for myself and within my team) 
AND I can measure the impact.

I create (and presence) opportunities, mechanisms and motivation 
for my team to reflect, plan and take-action towards shared goals.
 I know, connect to and am driven by my why. It calls me into action.
I build the vision with my team and keep 

Create a framework to develop my own leadership EQ and accountability 

Deal with difficult circumstances 
(and personalities) with power, 
credibility and compassion.

Turn the changes, challenges and 
stressors into opportunities 
to thrive rather than just survive

I get real outcomes this year 
(not least of which is an expanded experience of myself as a leader)
The Resilience Retreat is a heart- centred opportunity to integrate WHO YOU ARE AND HOW YOU LEAD, to build resilience and to create a PLAN FOR 2019
Over our 2 days together, we will cover everything to do with resilience and leadership, personally and professionally, including:
  •  Your personal leadership framework- get clear on exactly what you want, why you are here and how you will know if you are practicing the art of inspired engagement
  •  Your leadership plan- you will walk away with a completed draft of your plan so you know exactly what to do, when to build resilience NOW
  •  Resilience challenges- DOING the work of build resilience right from the beginning of day 1 and throughout our 2 days together (there are only two times in life after all; now and too late)
  •  Get 1:1 coaching and strategy support into key areas of challenge to help you shape your personal strategy for success
  •  Undertake a comprehensive culture mapping exercise that engages your team, before you arrive at retreat so you know exactly where the challenges are likely to come from (people, process, planning) and you can target your insights and action planning to achieve maximum organisational benefit
  •  Undertake a leadership EQ assessment- get related to what people think of you as a leader and what areas you might want to focus on, change, tweak or develop to enable expanded leadership excellence
  •  Review your own resilience- plotting, planning and preparing for a breakthrough in personal resilience, insight, action and outcomes in 2019
What's Included?
2 days of content rich leadership development 
from industry leading experts.
A framework for building resilience within your team/ organisation.
The opportunity to connect, share and integrate your experiences and write your plan.
Quarterly resilience coaching and check in strategy sessions with our Master Coach.
Annual membership to the 
COE webinar program (for yourself and your team).
Access to the private FB group for ongoing sharing, celebration of success 
and support.
Access to high level experts for one on one coaching and strategy development. 
All meals, activities and materials.
Calling Leaders everywhere- who is the cultures of excellence resilience retreat for? 
  •  Anyone who recognises the value of resilient leadership
  •  All of you who live with the awareness that self-reflection which leads to action is what creates outcomes
  •  Executive, C-Suite and Senior line level management (no silo’s here)
  •  Actual and aspiring leaders ready to break through their own barriers, increase their leadership impact and inspire outcomes within their teams
  •  High level, critical thinkers who are committed to being the best and getting the best out of their teams NOW

Let Me Warn You Though:

Showing up alone will not get the job done. Leadership excellence is about taking yourself on, recognising your own triggers, understanding your teams and current culture. It's about willingness, action and proactivity. It’s about being alive, enlivening others and learning how to sustain energy for organisational outcomes.

Bring your very best self, we will do the rest!
The journey begins the moment you say yes to this opportunity 
and continues long after the retreat closes and we all return 
to our desks. Cultural transformation begins with personal transformation, join me on the journey!
Join us if you dare (and if you have the following leadership excellence attributes):
  •  Solutions orientation
  •  The desire to create shared vision and drive organisational effort towards that goal
  •  The openness to get comfortable with the uncomfortable (within yourself and in your relationship)
  •  Availability for growth and expansion (developing leadership EQ creates high performing teams and sustains culture)
  •  You are ready to bring vulnerability and authenticity to leadership (isn’t it time?)

Strengthening Resilience Retreat Ticket
Regular Retreat Ticket
  • 2 days of content rich leadership development 
  • A framework for building resilience within your team/organisation
  • Quarterly resilience coaching and check in strategy sessions
  • Annual membership to the COE webinar program
  • Access to high level experts for one on one coaching 
  • Private Facebook Group
  • All meals, activities and materials
Regular Retreat Ticket
    Strengthening Resilience Retreat VIP Ticket
    Strengthening Resilience 
    VIP Ticket
    • Everything included in the regular ticket PLUS...
    • 2019 Resilience Planner so you can build resilience, develop EQ and manage your accountability week by week
    • Monthly group coaching calls to help you stay on track and accountable while leaning from/ sharing with others
    • Quarterly 1:1 coaching call to help you recognise achievements, map the next quarter and get clear on barriers and breakthroughs
    • 10 spots only for the VIP upgrade
    Strengthening Resilience 
    VIP Ticket
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